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Diet Soloution
Diet Soloution

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Foolproof Fat Loss Diet That Will Work For Everybody

People seem to make setting up a fat loss diet more complicated than it
needs to be. A fat loss diet that works every time is to eat less calories than
what you burn. If you do this, you will lose fat! The problem is that people
seem to make this more complicated than they need to.

You Need To Know How Many Calories You Burn to Set Up Your Fat Loss

Your Basic Metabolic Rate, or BMR, is how many calories you burn each day
just by being alive. This doesn't include calories burned by activities. A rough
estimate of BMR is simply your body weight multiplied by 10. Knowing this number
is crucial in setting up a great fat loss diet. If you want to know a much more
accurate number do a Google search for "BMR calculator".

How Many Calories to Consume on Your Fat Loss Diet.

So to setup your fat loss diet, you will need to eat less than you burn. If
you are active, you will burn more than your BMR. To make sure your fat loss
diet is successful, however, let's assume that you won't burn more than your BMR
number. So if you weigh 150 pounds and your BMR is 1,500, then you will want to
insure your fat loss diet is setup to where you eat less than 1,500 calories per

What Type of Foods to Consume on Your Fat Loss Diet.

Many people get hung up on carbs vs protein and ratios of each, etc. If you
simply focus on total calories consumed each day your fat loss diet will be
successful. A tip I use in setting up a fat loss diet, is to do a Google search
for "calories of common foods". Keep it simple and chose low calorie foods that
you enjoy and include them in your fat loss diet.

How Many Meals Should You Aim for in Your Fat Loss

Again, people get obsessive about how many meals to eat each day. Remember
a good fat loss diet is about creating a calorie deficit, so that should be your
main focus. If you naturally like to eat many meals throughout the day, then eat
5-6 times per day. If you do better just eating 3-4 times per day, then setup
your fat loss diet in that manner. A good fat loss diet is flexible, since
people differ in their eating patterns. I do better if I stick to just 3
meals each day and I have been very successful at losing body fat.

If You Get Hungry During Your Fat Loss Diet.

The hardest part of a fat loss diet is the first week or two. You will get
hungry. Some things that have helped me in the past is to eat a Fuji Apple
before a meal. The pectin seems to fill your stomach and it doesn't take
much food to feel "full". I also drink 2-3 cups of green tea instead of snacking
in between meals. The tea gives you energy, is healthy, and is a natural
appetite suppressant.

Stick with the basics and your fat loss diet will be

About the Author: Rusty Moore is an avid trainer who gives advice to men and women who want a physique that attracts the opposite sex. While most trainers focus on gaining as much muscle mass as possible, Rusty focuses on the lean "sleek model look". For men who want the build of Brad Pitt -or- Matthew Mcconaughey and women who want the build of Jessica Alba -or- Jessica Beil, Visit his Website by Clicking this link... Lean Muscle Fitness

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